What Size Unit Do I Need?

Wood & Wood Storage is one of the largest Storage facilities in Cowlitz County and offers hundreds of heated and non-heated units.     Many people believe that they need a heated unit, however after inspecting the quality of our non heated units; noticing the insulation and vapor barrier; they realize they can safely store their cherished items in whatever unit fits their budget. 


5'x5' - The smallest unit offered; holding 2-3 small car loads of boxes. This unit is most effective for stacking boxes.

5'x10'  This unit can hold a number of bikes and lawn mowers, or a small motorcycle. It will hold 2 loads from a pickup truck or a U-Haul trailer. This unitwill store a mattresses and a variety of personal items when skillfully packed.  

10'x10' The most popular sized unit.  This unit will store a studio, single bedroom apartment, or small packed Uhaul truck.  The unit is approximately the size of a typical apartment bedroom.

10'x15' This unit is perfect for a 2-3 bedroom apartment, small house, or full large 20' Uhaul truck.

Even Larger: We have also have a variety of units ranging from 10x25 - 13x40